Remembering Cassius Turvey

By Anoushka Saunders The vigil held at Sydney’s Town Hall on November 2 for Cassius Turvey was filled with people. I arrived to find a crowd including people of all different ages and backgrounds, many of whom wore clothing or pins showcasing the Indigenous Australian flag as a show of …

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Multiple whistleblowers allege election cheating scandal

By Alex Neale The two anonymous sources have claimed the Unite ticket was led in part by Damien Pace and Sam Jacobs, who are affiliated with and/or employed by various right-wing groups. Pace is not a UNSW student; and neither’s names have been seen on any of the ticket’s campaign …

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VILLAGE GREEN: UNSW’s latest $40m spend is now in use

By Alex Neale On a brisk October morning, the Village Green sprouts from its cocoon. Heavy machinery still toils on the turf, distributing the last of the cork. Sprinklers water the grass behind the bleachers, spraying your back if you sit too far up. At the Barker Street end, a …

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