Sydney Light Rail strike action continues

Uni student’s may experience disruptions in light rail services as workers take action against Transdev.

Protected industrial action continues in Sydney this week as light rail workers take a stand against unfair and unsafe conditions and wages. This action includes light rail workers refusing to wear uniforms, work overtime, or use their mobile phones while at work, as well as making public service announcements over the trams’ speaker systems and driving at reduced speeds. Commencing on June 11th, protected industrial action will continue to run indefinitely. A 24-hour light rail stoppage also occurred on Wednesday, June 12th.

The further strike action comes after Transdev failed to provide light rail workers with fair wage increases and safe working conditions following initial industrial action the previous week. The Rail, Tram and Bus Union (RTBU) of NSW cites the primary points of failure as Transdev’s refusal to provide light rail workers with sufficient sick leave and fair wage increases to match the rising cost of living.

Notices have been placed at all light rail stops

“It’s disappointing that the company has forced workers to this point because we know it has an impact on commuters, but unfortunately light rail workers have been left with no option other than to continue to take protected industrial action,” says David Babineau, Secretary of the Tram and Bus Division of the RTBU NSW.

“We can’t have light rail workers in a situation where they’re going to work unwell and putting commuters and others at risk because they don’t have enough sick days. Nor can we agree to a wage deal that doesn’t come close to accounting for the huge cost of living increases we’ve seen lately.”

A Transport for NSW Spokesperson says that they are “working with Transdev to ensure passenger impacts are minimised as much as possible” and that they “apologise for the inconvenience during the disruption.”

Protected industrial action is expected to continue throughout the following week and indefinitely until an agreement is reached.