Your Say: Sydney Housing Bubble

Is there a Sydney housing bubble? What do you think?


“I am actually just in Australia on a business trip. I don’t really know. Maybe you should ask someone else.”


“When I bought my first flat in Newtown in the 70s it was a completely different time. I used to park my motorbike in the living room. Just drive it straight in off King Street and park it next to the telly. God, we had some wild times in that house. I remember this one time John brought home some weed he’d bought off some cops, and I don’t know man, that was some pretty weird shit, I’ve never had a high like that before or since. Sorry, what was the question again?”


“Yes, there are lots of bubbles in my house.”


“Anyone who so much as pronounces the words ‘housing bubble’ is a shit stirrer in my view. We don’t need knuckleheads like that destroying investor confidence. The one thing that worries me though is that I’m not totally sure the people who just moved in next to me are even citizens. They didn’t look white, and yesterday I spent all night with my ear pressed up against their letterbox. I’m not sure if it was them or if they were just watching SBS or something, but I didn’t hear a word of English the whole time.”