Gold Sonnets 1: Yellow Gold

Content warnings: non-explicit self harm and bulimia

by Axel-Nathaniel Rose

Gilded crowns first place medals golden child

Blood drips like honey down her arms, his thighs

Don’t see the shame; how a rotting corpse thrives

Violet-dyed children traverse through the wilde

Guilt-filled cavities overflow with praise

Works half to-death; no witness to their cries

Time refines fifteen year old lovers’ lies

Lights out, time’s up, in guilt and love they pray

Prays: ‘if I’m good enough will they love me?

Will they forgive my sin? Can I be clean?

Can I give in, can I live out this pride?’

This skill they command: to purge ‘til they’re free

This golden child shines but it goes unseen

how they fight the sweet call of suicide.

Axel has been writing since the tender age of five, his debut novel The Evle King dedicated to his brother’s tyranny over the household armchair. His writing has since expanded to short stories, poetry, and oration, with particular focus on queer narratives, mental illness and social media.



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