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Writing Challenge – 3rd Place

Illustrated by Sandra Thomson and written by Toby Francis

Second image text – Written by 3rd Place winner, Toby Francis:

Groucho, Harpo, Richard, and Karl: the Marx Brothers. Two for laughing, one for loving, and one atifor the death of the bourgeoisie. That’s the order of revolutions. First you try to change the world with jokes, then you try to change the world with love, then you just say ‘fuck it’ and start cutting heads off people who wouldn’t stop laughing. Head-cutting always comes because change never does and joking and laughing can only last so long.
You’d do well to learn the Four Marx Maxim so you know where to stand when the guillotine gets the dust blown off it. It’s a waste of everyone’s time if you don’t know whether to put your hand on the rope or your head in the hole and revolutions are notorious for having very much to do in very little time so everyone being organised is very much appreciated. Basically, all you’ll need to know is whether you were making jokes or laughing just prior to the shit hitting the fan.
But be astute.
Today you might be joking but tomorrow you’ll be laughing and then, next week, you’ll be dead.
Because change always comes.
For all of us.
But, personally.

Sandra Gunniga Thomson is a third-year Media Arts student specializing in drawing and animation. She mostly enjoys illustrating the surreal and is very interested in moments that can be equally grotesque as they are endearing.