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Writing Challenge – 1st Place

Illustrated by Talica Gummery and Written by Issy Golding

Second image text – Written by 1st Place winner, Issy Golding:

“Don’t you think they’re the same thing; love and attention?” Sweat drips down, a race to the floor, the racetrack – the curves of a body on crisp white sheets. The sun sneaks through blinds, darting light across the room, shadows across the wall. Rays of cotton-candy coloured clouds christen a new day. A flustered giggle, a coy smile. A lit-up screen, the reflection a tiara, a superficiality only seen on screen. Remnants of a reality show watched from afar. “Of course not.” Green eyes furrow together, as though the very question was absurd. “Attention is kept at an arm’s distance, like a daydream, you only have it when you want it. Love needs to be held closer.” Blood flows from one heart to another – dependent. Sweat drips down, but blood falls faster.

Talica, from a poor translation of ‘Талица’ the name of a random Russian town, is a disillusioned International Studies & Media student, who draws to fill time. She hopes to one day get a job that pays money but, then, don’t we all?