Sydney WorldPride: Bloodlines

In a tribute to names such as Keith Haring, Freddie Mercury, Leigh Bowery, and many other icons and artists lost to the HIV/AIDs crisis, explosive duo, The Huxleys, have created a multi-form art piece on display at the Carriageworks until the 5th of March. 

The Huxleys are all-in-one performance artists, designers, musicians, and filmmakers. ‘Bloodlines’ is a culmination of all of their skills to bring to life an out-of-this-world celebration alongside a moving tribute to ‘Queer Saints’. 

The work centres around two main pieces: a quilt displaying the names and depictions of legends lost to AIDs and a music video for The Huxley’s bangin’ and yet heartfelt disco tune, ‘Bloodlines’. Massive portrait shots of the costumes worn for the music videos line the walls of the gallery, showcasing insane and unbelievable costumes created by Will and Garrett Huxley, a creative couple working and living in Naarm on unceded Wurundjeri land. 

The quilt hangs at the front of the exhibition,with two of the costumes on either side of it. Made by the Huxleys, the quilt is also a collaboration with the public, in open ‘Stitch n’ Bitch’ sessions, where people are invited to come, hear from a queer activist, and contribute to the quilt. 

The body of work showcases the most outrageous of queer design and exists as a way to both mourn those lost in the AIDs crisis and celebrate the lives of queer people across Australia and the world. Check out Bloodlines before it’s gone: Head to the Carriageworks by Sunday the 5th of March to take a look!

Editor: Shree Baskar