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Gold Sonnets 3: White Gold

Content warnings: reference to the Postal Vote. 

by Axel-Nathaniel Rose

To you I am bound, forever I’ll stay

Take my hand, take my heart; pulse against pulse

We are standing in the light at the gate

as we rise from ash, silver from the grey

Have we lived forever to make this choice?

For you, love, a thousand years I would wait

I fought not for the right to love you, not

to speak it aloud. But the calm thereof

the moment of our shared heartbeat, shared thought

The world falls around us to witness this love

The triumph of love! to this world we’ve taught:

blessëd matrimony of queens and kings

Ashes to ashes we fall, leaving nought

to history but vows and golden rings.

Axel has been writing since the tender age of five, his debut novel The Evle King dedicated to his brother’s tyranny over the household armchair. His writing has since expanded to short stories, poetry, and oration, with particular focus on queer narratives, mental illness and social media.



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