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What’s On According To Your Frenemy From USyd and Our Pals at Honi Soit

By Elle Bodeep

Honi Soit wants to play dirty with their What’s On? We’re in.

  1. You’ll need stitches for this comedy stab

Congrats on having 25 people attending your comedy night. But le joke in on le you because we’ve already had two sold out comedy gigs this semester with 600 people at each. Not to mention, we’re heading into our third sold out party (and PS, our parties don’t have an 11pm curfew). #shotsfired
Catch you at the free silent disco under the stars next Thursday? Shh, don’t tell USyd.

Silent Disco @ The Greenhouse

  1. Deep End of the Pool Debate

We’re no fish out of water in the pool department.

When our student party venue started its $53 million refurbishment this year, we actually built a huge temporary replacement bar where students can participate in trivia, table tennis, pool, poker, theatre-sports and more. The best bit? It’s all free!

Weekly Activities @ The Greenhouse

  1. COFAck Yourself

Dw, our art school isn’t at risk of being closed down, so there’s that.

But secondly, if you’re keen on art at UNSW you can check out one of our exhibitions on now, or go to one of our weekly gallery crawls.

Walk. Paint. | Al Poulet @ AD Space
Tribute | E.O. Gill @ Kudos Gallery

  1. Innovation Nation

Damn, we wish USyd would jump off that high horse and play ball. No point looking like Hogwarts if none of your grads produce any magic.

If you’re in the market to be a student entrepreneur but don’t want to go through a program with a name that makes you feel like a battery hen, then UNSW is for you. Check out the pro help with FounderLab and no-strings cash with MVP Fund.

  1. Cute Puppies

We know how much UNSW students love a cute doggo (or 600 of them). The UNSW Dog Appreciation Society (DogSoc) had their fourth meet up for the semester last weekend, and the fifth is just a week away.

Also, thought it might be worth clarifying that there’s no greyhound racing at Randwick, but greyhound racing is still legal. You can probably thank Mike Baird’s strong USyd education for that. Woof.