What To Expect From Uni Games

What’s on at UNSW sport wise this year? Where to start!?

Well how’s about a quick assessment of the University’s most prestigious event from last year. In saying that, it is all universities highlight of the year, that being the Australian University Games. I’m sure we’ve all heard rumours as to what goes on during this highly anticipated week. Well I can confirm for you now they’re probably all true. If anything they’ve been dulled down to keep the events going.

Taking place in Australia’s sunny Surfers Paradise, competitors had the chance to prove their ability under the sun as well as take care of any regrets they may have had from their schoolies binge. Now if you didn’t know you’ll be happy to hear that we have a reputation of being fierce competitors in pretty much all sports that take place at the games (17 top 3 finishes), you may be even prouder to hear we are not that university that goes to bed early to prepare for an 8am start.

It’s easy to forget about the physical activity you will have to endure as each night has a rather shameful theme and sometimes the best way to avoid the embarrassment is to drink it away. I preach to you as someone who copped the rough end of a stick, being a freshman in the men’s football team who, by the way, had a heart-breaking extra time grand final loss to the University We Do Not Speak Of (Sydney). Did I mention its compulsory for all participants to hate Sydney Uni? Well you may want to get that down.

In regards to our overall performance we finished a stellar 5th out of 41 universities. Along with this outstanding effort, we had 24 competitors who were picked as green and gold recipients meaning they had excelled in their respective field.

An honourable mention has to be made to the University’s overall sport captain George Tang who just about won his 100th straight gold in the always entertaining Table Tennis. Unfortunately George has now graduated meaning the UNSW will be seeking new heroes to step up to the plate!

Though the AUG’s are not till mid semester 2, the Easter University Games are just around the corner and I encourage everyone to get involved. To enjoy University games you just have to enjoy one of the following: sport, people, fun, alcohol or partying, which I’m sure covers just about everyone.

If this by chance doesn’t tickle your fancy check out the timetable below and be sure to check out what exactly does! And if none of that does it for you there are clubs and societies that play for fun on a regular basis. If you’re still not happy, get help.

April 28:
Eastern University Oztag Regional University Championship

July 1:
Surfing, Australian University Championship
Eastern University Games, Tamworth

September 6:
Snow Sports, Australian University Championship

September 16:
Distance Running, Australian University Championship

September 23:
Rowing, Australian University Championship
Australian University Games, Adelaide

November 25:
Triathlon, Australian University Championship

December 2:
Twenty20 Cricket, Australian University Championship

Jacob Burkett

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