Vice-Chancellor announces UNSW’s future strategy

Under new Vice-Chancellor Attila Brungs, the University’s post-COVID-19 strategy will involve hybrid learning and more industry partnerships.

In a recent Sydney Morning Herald interview, Brungs shared his concept of ‘Campus 2.0’, a plan to build from the tribulations UNSW faced during the pandemic. 

“The reality is workplace change. We have to make sure we don’t hope for what we had before COVID,” Brungs explained during a university-wide staff forum last Friday, attended by over 3,000 UNSW staff. 

Students have had their fair share of online learning, and there is no doubt an overwhelming willingness to return to fully in-person study. However, the assumption that students should attend campus all or most days of the week looks to be in the past. 

‘Campus 2.0’ continues with hybrid courses, where tutorials and seminars will continue in-person over a few days, but lectures can be watched from home. 

According to Sydney Morning Herald, Brungs also aims to develop industry partnerships and offer smaller courses across multiple locations in Sydney.  

“It’s not just our research and our teaching, it’s the way we engage with society more broadly,” Brungs said at last Friday’s staff forum.