UNSW Touch Footy Talent Mitch Heritage

Meet Mitch “Junior” Heritage

Mitch is the master of balancing his university studies and pursuing his sporting dreams! He’s a man of many talents, who not only studies a Bachelor of Commerce, but also excels at a high level in sport – Mitch recently added the title of being selected in the NSW Touch Football Squad to his already well-established list of sporting achievements. Mitch was a key player in the UNSW touch football team that made the grand final drop off against USyd at the Eastern University Games (EUGs) held in Newcastle on 6 – 10 July 2014. In addition to this, his performance at the EUGs, Mitch has been selected to the NSW State Touch Football Squad!

So, how does he do it, you wonder?


Q. How do you balance university and performing sport at a high level?

A. It was hard…especially when I am sometimes training four – five times a week, as well as preparing for exams. It really came down to a matter of just writing down everything on a huge wall planner just so I could see what needed to be done by when, and also not being afraid to ask for help when you need it.

Q. What motivates you to play sport?

A. I like to stay active, and on top of that, sport is my down time. It’s where I can just relax and not stress too much about uni or anything else.

Q. List your top three reasons why it is important to be active & healthy?

1. With Indigenous health statistics being as poor as they are, staying active is essential to not becoming another negative statistic.

2. Having an active lifestyle just helps with [my] all-around well-being as well, I feel.

3. And I just love my sport, and it’s a great break for me.

Q. What do you like best about playing touch footy in the EUGs?

A. The best part about touch footy at EUGs is the mates you make and the memories.


Q. Can you share some of the ups/ downs of the touch competition at EUGs?

A. The down was definitely losing the final in drop off, but the highlight was the effort all of the boys put into the final – it was the longest drop off that I’ve ever been a part off, and it was just a credit to all of the boys that we were even in that position in the first place.

Fun Facts about Mitch

Nickname: Junior

Mob/Country: Kuku-Yalanji/Goorimpul

Sportsman Idol: Kobe Bryant

Sportswoman Idol: Nova Peris

All-time inspiring sporting moment:

American Baseball Highlights:

1)     Lou Gehrig’s Farewell Speech, and

2)     Jackie Robinson’s Debut

Favourite Sport Team: North Queensland Cowboys

Life Motto/Quote:

“The lesson is in the struggle,

Not the victory.”