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UNSW to host a traditional in-person O-week, marking return to ‘normal’

by Harrisen Leckenby

The University of New South Wales’ Orientation week begins tomorrow as NSW shifts the focus to COVID-19 hospitalisations and death rather than case numbers.

The in-person orientation week follows the announcement from UNSW that in-person teaching will return for T1 2022, but with online learning still available in some courses.

However, for many students, this orientation week not only welcomes new students, but 2nd and 3rd year students whose on campus experience has been disrupted by the pandemic.

Arc’s Director of Marketing and Experience, Mitchell McBurnie spoke to Tharunka about the upcoming O-Week.

“The theme for O-Week, as chosen by Yellow Shirts, is Grow Wild. Students can expect freebies, fun stuff, events, tours and more freebies.”

When asked about how this week will be different from previous O-Week, Arc hopes it will mark a return to ‘normal.’

“This year will return to a more traditional O-Week, with no more fences.”

Further measures will be imposed to reduce the spread with capacity limits on night events.

“All events are outdoors and ticketed. Participants are encouraged to wear a mask, be vaccinated and stay away if unwell. There will be QR code check ins at all entrances as well.”

“Faculty welcomes will be streamed outdoors, and night events will have a reduced capacity as a safety precaution in the context of COVID-19.”

However, for some students who may be immunocompromised, isolating or unable to physically attend, online options are available.

“Check out clubs and events popping up on UNSW Discord throughout O-Week.”

2022 promises to be an uncertain year. As UNSW promises a big return to campus, will this year live up to our in-person expectations?