UNSW: The University of Not Safe (For) Work

By Annastasia Robertson

UNSW home page

Ah, our prestigious University, filled with rich history, cemented in tradition, alma mater to some of Australia’s greatest thinkers, and home to future greats all under the leadership of our fearless leader, Clancy the UNSW Lion.

It seems though, that we can add another label to our character; click bait fiends.

Yes, the marketing department of UNSW has taken a *cough* unique approach to social media, and have posted a number of interesting articles on our OFFICIAL UNSW FACEBOOK PAGE including a woman who is possibly the “next Kim Kardashian, a look into a “mind-blowing find in the Mexican drug lord’s home, and a high quality piece on Mia Khalifa’s (a Lebanese adult film actress) “jaw-dropping” Instagram.



A bit of a risk if you ask me, considering today is Open Day and potential future students are supposedly seeing what UNSW can offer them.
Perhaps an A-Grade education in social media no no’s?


Now, we wish this was a late Foundation Day Tharunka prank, but unfortunately we here on the Editorial team do not have very good hacking skills.

Despite being quite clearly a hack of the Facebook page, a few of the less savvier Facebook likers have taken offence to the posted articles and made their thoughts known through the comment section. Of an article posted about notorious mysogonist, Dan Blizerian, one user said, “Really? You think he is what we aspire to?” with another echoing this outage saying, “Not a good image unsw plus he’s not a man he’s a man child that needs to grow up”.

Thankfully, there are still citizen investigative journalists out there who wised up to the Facebook hack pretty quickly.

“Time to fire the social media guy”, one user said, with one logical fellow saying “Yeah I don’t think UNSW is posting this stuff willingly guys”.


Yeah, guys! The UNSW Facebook page was definitely hacked, the University hasn’t suddenly decided to enlighten its 359 465 likers about “the internet freaking out about this Mexican weatherwoman”.


Well played, hackers. The posts have been deleted, but the memory remains.



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