UNSW Facebook Page Hacked Again

By Ned Hirst

Proving that social media provides a veritable smorgasbord of opportunities for erstwhile venerable institutions to make themselves look silly on the internet, UNSW has recovered from its embarrassing Open Day soft porn spree by having its Facebook hacked again on the next day.

fb1fb2fb3Admittedly, the latest posts are less embarrassing than the soft porn students were inundated with yesterday. They’re even tenuously related to study (not that I’ve clicked the links). But really these latest posts raise more questions than they answer: has UNSW decided that click-bait is the way to go, and that they were merely delivering the wrong kind of content? Is the new V-C having a field day? Is any of this news?

UPDATE: Mia Khalifa is back!

fb4Well, so much for a classier form of clickbait. Well done, hackers, you certainly are intrepid.