UNSW contracted Plenary to invest $600 million into the Health Translation Hub

After more than 60 years of teaching hospital aspirations, this project finally delivers a long-term partnership with the Randwick Health Campus, providing an innovative place for health professionals to research and educate future students.  

The project building will link to the Sydney Children’s Hospital Stage 1 and Minderoo Children’s Comprehensive Cancer Centre. It will be located beside the new Prince of Wales Hospital Acute Services Building. 

The Hub will include purpose-built spaces for professionals and educators to work with clinicians, such as rooms for education, training and research; clinical schools and ambulatory care clinics; recreational amenities such as food and beverage retail; and spacious spaces for community and cultural events. 

The project also includes a new north-facing UNSW Plaza, which will provide 2500 square metres of space accessible to the public. The project construction will start in 2023 and is estimated to be finished in late 2025. 

“Through our partnerships with government, industry and academia, we will revolutionise the way health care is delivered,” said the Plenary Group CEO David Lamming.  

“This is right on strategy for us. 

“Plenary is delighted to be part of such an important project, one that merges our experience in life sciences projects and precinct development to help deliver brilliant health research and education outcomes. 

“Our experience in the formation of long-term partnerships to deliver complex projects here and overseas, combined with the depth of experience that we have built in the health and life sciences space, make us ideally placed to deliver on UNSW’s vision of bringing people together to research, innovate and learn and have a true community impact.” 

UNSW has committed to occupying, 65% of the 35,600-square-metre project area for the next 20 years to develop the facility. The remaining area will be opened for hospital precinct partners to co-locate with the university. 

UNSW Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Attila Brungs said, “no single organisation can solve the complex healthcare challenges facing our communities today. 

“UNSW has a unique opportunity to co-locate with our Randwick Health Campus – an opportunity more than 60 years in the making.”  

Brungs said the project would help discover unmet clinical needs by connecting real-world health issues to researchers and professionals, providing hands-on learning opportunities for UNSW students.