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UNSW announces return to in-person classes for Term One 

By Nadia Maunsell

Amidst student uncertainty about whether face-to-face learning will go ahead in Term One, UNSW has announced their plan to return to on-campus classes.  

UNSW has emailed staff confirming that classes will be delivered on-campus as best as possible in Term One.  

From the 14th of February, tutorials, labs and fieldwork outings will be delivered in-person while large lectures and assessments will continue to be provided online. Online options will also continue to be provided for students who are overseas, self-isolating at home or otherwise unable to attend campus. It is understood that UNSW will continue to monitor the situation and update students as necessary. 

The university has also announced that O-week will be delivered partially in-person and online, with events scheduled to occur outdoors where possible. The events are slated to take place from the 7th to the 11th of February.  

This decision comes as USYD also informed its students that their strong preference is to deliver the majority of classes in-person in Semester 1. More information is to come as the Semester 1 start date gets closer.  

With universities across NSW continuing to monitor the unfolding COVID-19 situation, students are being advised to book their booster vaccinations as soon as possible. You can book a booster here.  

If you test positive to COVID-19 and have been on campus within 48 hours, you should report it here.  

Any students who need some help with testing positive to COVID-19 can contact the following: 

  • For advice on how to deal with the disruption to your studies and seek special consideration –  The Nucleus: Student Hub
  • For help understanding the requirements now that you’ve tested positive or how to manage your isolation – Student Support Advisors
  • If your diagnosis with COVID-19 has triggered a serious decline in your mental health – UNSW Mental Health Support