a drawing of a lily flower in black on a pale pink background

By Phoebe Au

Wilted like blackened

fingerprints on lilly skin

and all that remains

Sixteen and restless

Did it matter? Where your words

paused and mine began?

What dreams did fill our

hearts when all we’d do was lie

awake at dusk. Don’t

Let the sun go down.

I’m a thousand words away.

O light reveal me.

For our tongues were tied;

my eyes closed. I’m reminded

you were still alive.

We dared to believe

we danced the fine line between

naive and reckless

We dared kill the dawn

Unrelenting dawn. Breaking

where darkness finds you.

We dared to hold on

A tethered rope between hands

But I was too scared

As if your bleeding

hands were not enough to keep

my feet from falling



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