Things I Left Behind

by Aadrika Gupta

I was a wide-eyed girl 
Who left behind  
A ribbon wrapped box sheltering a shoe  
And along with it 
A long lost dream  
Of a 6-year-old 
In search of her prince 
So she could be his queen someday.  
I left behind my old self 
Used to the warmth of my home 
In pursuit of new abilities 
With occasional hiccups  
Disguised as troubles 
Only to realise 
I now yearn for that comfort 
In someone else’s lies.  
I left behind my diary 
Safekeeping my childish fears 
And happy moments 
For I’m too scared to laugh 
At those once jovial things 
As the thought of a new day 
Dims the light of the wide-eyed girl self.