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Tharunka is always looking for student contributors – after all, we rely on you to fill our pages! We’re open for one-time submissions or regular contributors. Tharunka accepts feature articles, news, investigative content, opinion, satire, works of fiction, poetry and reviews. We also accept visual submissions, including cartoons, comics, photographs and collage.

Although we are open to submissions of all types, it is always better to contact the editors before submitting a lengthy work so that we can provide you with suggestions as to what can be published and what cannot. We (attempt to) maintain a consistent style – it may be a good idea to read a copy of Tharunka before submitting for the first time.

To get involved in 2021, join our contributors’ Facebook group and keep an eye out for our content call-outs! If you want to run your ideas past an editor, or if you have any questions, you are warmly invited to send an email to the Tharunka team at

If you’d like to respond to a published piece, or if you don’t have the time to submit a full article, you’ll be glad to know that Arc Regulations oblige Tharunka to publish Letters to the Editor. Send your letter to and it’ll go up on this website!

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