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  • Left vs. Right: Straw manning Zoe’s Law is disingenuous and unhelpful

    The New South Wales Parliament’s lower house voted late last year in favour of legislation that, for the purpose of grievous bodily harm, recognises the personhood of foetuses after a sufficient stage of pregnancy. Despite explicit exclusions for medical procedures, extreme controversy has surrounded the law, which opponents believe could lead to the curtailing of…

  • Left vs. Right: On Zoe’s Law

    As a young woman, I find the thought of Zoe’s Law being passed in NSW alarming, especially while abortion remains in the Crimes Act. To many, that might seem like a shrill and irrational response to a bill merely trying to bring justice to a mother who lost her unborn child. What happened to Brodie…

  • Proposed Foetal Rights Bill May Turn Abortion into Murder

    Proposed Foetal Rights Bill May Turn Abortion into Murder

       A controversial bill proposed in NSW Parliament by the Christian Democratic Party [CDP] leader, Reverend Fred Nile, has sparked    debate surrounding the dangers of affording foetuses “personhood” status in the eyes of the law.