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  • White Lotus – Part 2

    White Lotus – Part 2

    Wen Yu Yang is a regular contributor to Tharunka. Content warning: violence Things had come naturally to Lian, the same things that the girl would pay for with sweat and blood, but she had never resented Lian for that.  The girl had spent days trying to replicate her sister’s dance. They said that Lian had…

  • White Lotus – Part 1

    White Lotus – Part 1

    Wen Yu Yang is a regular contributor to Tharunka and is a team member of the UNSWeetened Literary Journal. Content warnings: minor self harm, minor gore They always underestimated how heavy bird bones could be. They remembered the hollowness, not the dense wall that enveloped it. They forgot that these bones were bred for flight. …