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  • Donherra Walmsley: Open letter to UQ

    We are writing as leaders of student unions and representative organisations from around Australia. We have watched as the UQ Union has abused due process and the principles of free and fair elections to maintain control by the incumbents.

  • UQ to Audit Student Union

    The University of Queensland has announced an audit of its student union (UQU) after incumbent right-wing ticket “Fresh” was criticised for hijacking campus elections. Students will hold a rally on the St. Lucia campus this morning, demanding free and fair elections, following the revelation that “Fresh” pushed regulation changes that allowed the Liberal-aligned ticket to…

  • UQ Union Changes Disqualify All But Liberal “Fresh” Ticket

    UQ Union Changes Disqualify All But Liberal “Fresh” Ticket

    The University of Queensland Union (UQU) has passed a series of regulation changes resulting in the withdrawal of all other nominations for the union elections. Regulations allowing groups to maintain ticket names for up to 10 years, passed by right-wing office bearers elected on the “Fresh” ticket, will effectively mean all groups aside from “Fresh”…