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Something Happened: Mittens the Nominee (but does it really mean anything?)

In keeping with Catholic family planning tradition, Santorum has rigorously upheld the Rhythm method. He’s placed the thermometer of political support into the open and willing mouth of the American public and taken their temperature to see if they’re ovulating. On finding the temperature of the public to be not …

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If I Ruled the World: Edward J. Blakely

Nation-states are new. Germany and Italy are only 19th century inventions cobbling together very resistant duchess into a single country with a flag and borders. Until nation state erupted all over the world there was few border guards or minefields and fences curtailing movement of people anywhere in the world. …

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Occupy Wall Street

The stereotype may exist for some that Canada is merely a poor-man’s America, so when a Vancouver-based activist magazine raised the idea of protesting against corporate influence on democracy, not many took note.  Drawing inspiration from the Arab Spring movements of 2011, the anti-consumerist publication Adbusters called for a peaceful …

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