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  • Trump & Bitcoin

    Trump & Bitcoin

    By Matthew Bugden (@matthewpbugden) Whatever your views are on Trump, there is no denying that he is a master rhetorician. The left may have underestimated Trump’s supporters, but at no point did it underestimate Trump as an entertainer. Trump was encouraged to run by John Oliver on his HBO news satire program in the hope…

  • A “Post-Truth” 2017 or Just More Lies?

    A “Post-Truth” 2017 or Just More Lies?

    By Olivia Inwood  What does “post-truth” mean? It’s a term that has been used a lot in recent times, particularly in reference to Donald Trump’s presidential election campaign and the Brexit campaign. In fact, “post-truth” was selected as Oxford Dictionary’s “word of the year” in 2016 due to its sudden transformation from an obscure academic…