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Ice Cream, Politics & Gossip Girl: Alcohol & Violence

The tragic death of teenager Thomas Kelly earlier this month has reignited debate about Australia’s “booze culture” and the level of violence in our society. Kelly died after being struck in the head by an assailant, now identified as 18-year-old Kieran Loveridge, late on a Saturday night in Kings Cross. Immediately following the …

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SRC Approves Plans for Monorail

The UNSW Student Representative Council (SRC) voted last night to approve a bid to purchase the Sydney Monorail if it placed on auction after its deconstruction. The plan would cost the University of New South Wales Student Association $1.2 million dollars.

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State Government leaves UNSW Stranded in Transport Debacle

State Transit recorded a 28% increase in the number of trips taken on the 891 service between Central and UNSW as students concerns mounted over increasing wait times and inadequate services. The increase from 59,550 to 76,371 rides in the quarter ending March mirrored an increase of student numbers by …

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