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  • Report details numerous safety incidents on campus

    Report details numerous safety incidents on campus

    A report delivered to the UNSW Chancellory’s Student Safety & Wellbeing Committee has shown several incidents of assault and robbery, including students threatened with knives. The Student Incident Summary Report, obtained by Tharunka through Freedom of Information legislation, focuses on campus incidents from January to August this year.

  • No change to voting as women’s officer remains open to all students

    A motion calling for the restriction of voting for the Women’s Officer position to the Women’s Collective was voted down by the Student Representative Council last week. Moved by Michael Rosser and supported by Women’s Officer Amber Karanikolas, the motion would have required attendance at Collective meetings in return for voting rights.

  • Student Leaders Bring Issues to Chancellery

    Student Leaders Bring Issues to Chancellery

    Senior members of the chancellery team met student leaders last Friday, discussing issues affecting the student populace, including concerns over retail developments, the gym and course cuts. Whilst Vice-Chancellor Fred Hilmer was in South America, students met with other officials including Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) Richard Henry, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Students) Wai Fong Chua, members of University…

  • Hilmer Calls for Greater Fee Deregulation

    Hilmer Calls for Greater Fee Deregulation

    UNSW Vice-Chancellor Fred Hilmer has used a speech to the National Press Club to call for greater deregulation of universities, criticizing government policy as dysfunctional. Hilmer told those gathered that tight budgetary conditions and increased enrollments had seen many universities realise that ‘fee-flexibility’ was the best way to increase funding.

  • Far Right Wants International Students Out

    The Eureka Youth League, a controversial white-separatist offshoot from the far-right Australia First Party, has recently received media attention surrounding its controversial policies that include putting an end to international students in Australia. Placing emphasis on universities as a vital area for political influence to be exerted, the party credits this as the reason for…

  • Do You Know What You Pay For?

    In 2005, the Sydney Morning Herald reported that the yet to be passed Voluntary Student Unionism (VSU) legislation introduced by the Howard Government, would seriously threaten the survival of student unionism as we know it. As it turns out, it did. On March 16, compulsory union fees were replaced by the VSU legislation, so that,…