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  • Netflix’s Dark Bewilders and Satisfies Over and Over again

    Netflix’s Dark Bewilders and Satisfies Over and Over again

    By Kevin Ding Warning: Minor spoilers ahead for all seasons of Dark. “The beginning is the end, and the end is the beginning.” This is the maxim that runs through the Netflix series Dark, which came to a close on June 27 with the release of its third and final season (or cycle, as it’s […]

  • Women in the Media

    Like many western countries, Australia went through its own sexual revolution in the late 1960s. Women spoke up and found their place in society, outside of family life. The taboo regarding sex and sexuality was shattered throughout the academy, arts and media with figures such as Germaine Greer and Wendy Bacon leading the way. Greer […]

  • Jane Wallace Presents: Sunday Television Hell

    Television always wants to attract the all important market of all important female television viewers. Females really count with TV ratings people. Female television viewers rule television and television viewing, so when Australian television channel, Channel Nine has to choose which television show would attract the most female television viewers on a Sunday Night, they […]