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  • Sphero 2.0 Review

    Sphero 2.0 Review

    On the outside, Sphero is a small, durable, Bluetooth-enabled ball made of plastic that can light itself up and roll itself around. On the inside, there’s a soft, creamy centre… er, I mean, there’s a bunch of accelerometers inside, so it knows where it is and which way it’s pointing – the same stuff that […]

  • Grindr: Casual Sex or Something More?

    Grindr: Casual Sex or Something More?

    Grindr is a dating app. It allows gay men to find other gay men in their literal area. It functions by allowing them to see on a GPS-enabled map, exactly how far away other users are. It has a chat option and photo data avenues, making it easy to connect and, potentially, meet up. This […]

  • International IP Agreement May Change Net Forever

    Whilst the shelving of SOPA and PIPA legislations in the United States has defrayed anxiety for the time being, there are signs that a significant international treaty may, in fact, extend the same obligations around the world. First presented for negotiation in Geneva in 2008, the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, known as ACTA, has already been […]