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A Review: Fleet Foxes, Sydney Opera House

By Eric Qian Don’t let the masses of 30-somethings politely head-bobbing throw you off – Fleet Foxes delivers a rousing set. It’s also one well suited to the Opera House, as the band have some tremendous songs that you can’t really dance to, but require the space and majesty the …

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Not the Church, Not the State, We Will Decide Our Fate: Reflecting on Sunday’s “Day of the Unborn Child” Counter Protest

Not the Church, Not the State, We Will Decide Our Fate

By Courtney Thompson On Sunday, I attended what was probably my most intense rally-going experience yet. While “pro-life”, anti-choice group, Family Life Australia, and its supporters attended mass within St Mary’s cathedral for its “Day of the Unborn Child” (read: day an unborn, undeveloped foetus means more than the physical, …

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Agony Ibis (Issue 1)

Illustration by Amy Ge Dear Agony Ibis,   All of my friends went on amazing holidays to exotic and expensive locations over the break, and I’m very jealous. How can I fit in with all the new friends I’m planning on making, especially given my Insta game has been so …

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Ice Cream, Politics & Gossip Girl: Alcohol & Violence

The tragic death of teenager Thomas Kelly earlier this month has reignited debate about Australia’s “booze culture” and the level of violence in our society. Kelly died after being struck in the head by an assailant, now identified as 18-year-old Kieran Loveridge, late on a Saturday night in Kings Cross. Immediately following the …

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