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Media Changes to Hit Journalism Students

The recent cuts at Fairfax have caused panic in newsrooms all over Australia with almost two thousand job losses for the papers affected. While it has been an expected decline for over a decade, the sudden shift in Fairfax’s approach to the problem caught many by surprise. While Peter White, …

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Gina Rinehart Eats Fairfax

Gina Rinehart announced today her intention to acqure all remaining shares in Fairfax Ltd, giving her effective editorial control over the Sydney Morning Herald and the Financial Review. In a decision that surprised many media experts, but not several psychologists who’ve been tracking Rinehart for years, it was announced the …

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Opinion: Media Ownership in Australia

Tumblr and blog accounts of late have featured a parody cover of the Sydney Morning Herald, in reaction to Gina Rinehart’s increased ownership of Fairfax Media. The online masthead of the Sydney Mining Herald shouts “Perth: Australia’s Real Capital,” the featured visual image has Miranda Kerr on the catwalk wearing …

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