Tag: Staying Green

  • How to Make & Use A Bucket Bong in 100 Steps

    Procure a bucket. Procure a saucepan if a bucket is unattainable. A saucepan will suffice; a bucket is recommended for authenticity. Set aside. Procure a large plastic bottle. Two litre bottles are recommended. The lid must be intact. Set aside. Procure a cone piece. A cone piece can be purchased from any head shop and […]

  • Staying Green: Cake

    Mud cake. Caramel mud cake. Tiramisu. Baklava. Chocolate baklava. Honey joys. Baked cheesecake. Frozen cheesecake. Berry cheesecake. Meringue. Pavlova. Lamingtons. Apple pie. McDonald’s apple pie. Apricot Danish. Apple rhubarb crumble. Lemon meringue pie. Viennetta. Party cake. Lemon tart. Portuguese tart. Vanilla slice. Banana bread. Jam doughnut. Glazed doughnut. Palm leaf. Mars Bar cake. Orange poppy […]