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  • UNSW staff go on strike

    UNSW staff go on strike

    NTEU members form picket line on Anzac Parade/University Mall   Standfirst: After months of inconclusive negotiations, UNSW staff began picketing as part of an effort to obtain higher wages, improved job security and more balanced workloads.  Union-Affiliated UNSW staff went on strike last Wednesday after a call by the National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU). The strike…

  • USYD staff announce 48-hour strike, raising concerns over UNSW staff cuts

    USYD staff announce 48-hour strike, raising concerns over UNSW staff cuts

    Staff at the University of Sydney will strike on the 11th and 12th of May in an attempt to end job insecurity and exploitative casual work.

  • Ice Cream, Politics & Gossip Girl: Why Student Activism is Important

    You hear a lot about the death of student activism these days. Kids just aren’t getting into their rallies, protests, marches and speak-outs like they used to back in olden times. So goes the contemporary narrative on the engagement of today’s university students with the world around them.

  • How rivalry between staff unions may or may not affect your life

    In August, The Australian newspaper reported the National Tertiary Education Union’s unsuccessful appeal to Fair Work Australia against an enterprise agreement reached at the end of last year. The NTEU, the article read, was in part unhappy with the University’s unlimited fixed-term contract conditions for general staff, and felt that the other union, the Community…