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  • On your mark, get set… and come out

    On your mark, get set… and come out

    Acceptance of homosexuality has increasingly become a norm in modern society. Although challenges are still evident in the LGBT community, societal norms towards individuals identifying as LGBT have transcended due to education and shared acceptance. This is in part due to events in the global community, which have allowed for more common awareness, education and…

  • UNSW’s Winter Olympics: Meet Callum Watson

    UNSW’s Winter Olympics: Meet Callum Watson

    In the latest series of UNSW students moonlighting as Olympians, Callum Watson talks to Ammy Singh about the travels and travails of cross country skiing, the Olympic dream, and life as a greenie. Q: Your parents put you on skis as soon as you could walk. What has it taken for you to get to…

  • Belle of the Board

    Belle of the Board

    Ammy Singh talks snowboarding, coming out of the closet on national television, and “ripping on Putin’s ass” with Belle Brockhoff, Australia’s only openly gay Winter Olympian in Sochi. Mention you’ve never seen snow to Olympian Belle Brockhoff as she wakes up in faraway Europe, and she’ll take her laptop over to her window to show…