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  • Opinion: In Defence Of Smoking (By A Non-Smoker)

    Opinion: In Defence Of Smoking (By A Non-Smoker)

    Let’s start with the facts: I don’t like cigarette smoking, at all, really. A product of all that wonderful anti-nicotine campaigning during my school years, at age six I once informed by mother (in a loud, carrying voice) that the cigarette-smoking people in the cafe we passed ‘were going to DIE!’ I know the facts, […]

  • If I Ruled the World: Tanya Plibersek

    It blows me away when I have dinner with people who order organic food, count their fat content and then happily light up a fag at the end of the meal. Despite the best efforts of governments, public health advocates, and even well-meaning friends, large numbers of Australians continue to choose to smoke. If I […]