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  • Special resolution to remove SDC convenor passed

    A special resolution to remove the 2014 Student Development Committee Convenor, Andrew Shim, was passed through the SDC on Wednesday night. The meeting, presided over by Arc Chair, Chris Mann, was over after little more than half an hour, suggesting that most, if not the full 75% of votes required in favour of the resolution…

  • Concerns As Anti-Abortion Club Convenes on Campus

    A club aiming to foster “discussion and debate on the issues of abortion and euthanasia” held its inaugural AGM this afternoon, with some attending deriding the meeting as a circus. LifeChoice UNSW (LifeSoc) is a pro-life society primarily interested in pushing an anti-abortion agenda.

  • Liberal Club Refused Re-affiliation

    Liberal Club Refused Re-affiliation

    The Arc Student Development Committee (SDC) has declined to re-affiliate the UNSW Liberal Club following a bungled AGM in May.  The decision was communicated to the Club’s executive in a letter sent by SDC Convenor Chris Antonini following a meeting of the Committee last week.

  • Liberal Club AGM Postponed Again

    The 2012 Annual General Meeting of the UNSW Liberal Club was cancelled this Monday evening, the 16th of April. The President of the UNSW Liberal Club Nick Kaurin, on the advice of Student Development Committee Convenor Chris Antonini, informed Liberal Club members that the meeting had to be cancelled due to Occupational Health and Safety…