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Science FACT-ion #6: Aliens

By Riley Hughes Hello, my dear readers (yes, all eight of you)! I have received countless emails asking me, “Riley! Where is my fortnightly dose of Science FACT-ion!?” To you I say fear not, for I have been deep undercover, uncovering the truths that no one else dares speak! It’s …

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Science FACT-ion #5: Cyborgs

By Riley Hughes “Part man. Part Machine. All Cop.”– Robocop (1987) Beep, boop, beepity, boop. Cyborgs! The fusion of man and machine. The mythos of the cyborg is a relatively new one, with Edgar Allen Poe’s short story The Man That Was All Used Up (1843) perhaps being one of …

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Science FACT-ion #3: Time Travel

By Riley Hughes Time travel! Popularised in H.G. Well’s story The Time Machine (1895), time travel has not only become a staple in sci-fi, but in pop culture as a whole. Dramatic movies and TV shows such as About Time (2013) and Outlander (since 2014) use time travel as a …

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