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  • On the benefits of teen-girl rebellion

    On the benefits of teen-girl rebellion

    The teen girl dystopian protagonist archetype is not only realistic; but has positive real-world consequences.

  • Time to Go

    Time to Go

    by Wen Yu Yang Heishi made the mistake of assuming the day was over. To be fair, it had been a long day. Junan, her supervisor at the Department of Beastly Affairs, spent hours on end grilling her for the progress on the State Senator’s gaulken, which she had been forced to take home two…

  • Science FACT-ion #5: Cyborgs

    Science FACT-ion #5: Cyborgs

    By Riley Hughes “Part man. Part Machine. All Cop.” – Robocop (1987) Beep, boop, beepity, boop. Cyborgs! The fusion of man and machine. The mythos of the cyborg is a relatively new one, with Edgar Allen Poe’s short story The Man That Was All Used Up (1843) perhaps being one of the oldest literary accounts…

  • Science FACT-ion #2: Mars

    Science FACT-ion #2: Mars

    By Riley Hughes The colonisation of Mars has captivated writers and scientists alike. Films like Total Recall (1990) explore the possibility of a sprawling metropolis while stories such as Ray Bradbury’s Dark They Were and Golden Eyed (1949) asks us what a terraformed Mars would look like. So, is there even a chance of humans…

  • Science FACT-ion #1: Cloning

    Science FACT-ion #1: Cloning

    By Riley Hughes Artificial Intelligence, time travel, the colonisation of space and the exploration of the stars. Once thought the realm of pure science fiction, these sci-fi tropes are slowly becoming more and more within the realm of science fact. Hello and welcome to the first ever instalment of the hotly anticipated Tharunka column SCIENCE…