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  • Review: Variable Truth

    Review: Variable Truth

    A bad performance is a letdown but there’s nothing more disappointing than neutrality. At least the former enlivens some degree of emotion. The exhibition currently on display at the 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art is unfortunately more flat-line than variable and here’s why: Like most concept-heavy shows, although a lot of the works featured […]

  • Review: The Fire

    Review: The Fire

    The Fire is a short play presented by the good people at NUTS and last week you could have caught it at Studio 1, right here on campus. That’s right, the theatrical arts are going on around you, in the dank and dingy arts precinct on the northern side of the lower campus. This is theatre […]

  • Review: Drift

    Review: Drift

    Layered, allusive, reflective and in flux, Berlin artist Berit Myrebøe’s evocative aluminium paintings in her recent show, ‘Drift’, mirror the ebb and flow of life’s ambiguities. At first glance, the exhibition looked pretty sparse – grey panels on white walls wasn’t particularly arresting. But upon closer inspection, I noticed that out of the silvery screens […]

  • Review: How Is The Internet Changing The Way You Think?

    I have found that I am rather at the mercy of my various anxieties. Often I just let myself stew, annoying friends and family with my – often drunken – anxiety-driven rants about how the microwave is going to fry your insides or how key it is to ingest large amounts of Echinacea. However, there […]

  • Review: Undercard

    Picture this: From a bird’s eye view, a car travels along a sunlit road, fringed with countryside. In the car, a family of three is smiling, relaxed, and enjoying the ride. The mother puts on a CD, and all of a sudden the scene is ruptured by loud death metal, which only we the viewers […]