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  • Hot chocolate and war crimes

    The probable opening of a Max Brenner chocolate store at UNSW this year has prompted concerned students to question the decision to allow on campus a corporation affiliated with elements of the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF), who are accused of war crimes against the Palestinian people. Acting President of Students for Justice in Palestine UNSW, […]

  • Subway, Boost Juice for Campus, but Chancellery Backtracks on Food Affordability

    FM Assist has confirmed a slate of new retailers on campus, including Subway and Boost Juice. Previously, at the Student Leaders’ Morning Tea, attended by Chancellery officials, Vice-President of University,  ServicesNeil Morris promised cheaper and healthier options were to be written into all new retailing contracts.

  • Student Leaders Bring Issues to Chancellery

    Student Leaders Bring Issues to Chancellery

    Senior members of the chancellery team met student leaders last Friday, discussing issues affecting the student populace, including concerns over retail developments, the gym and course cuts. Whilst Vice-Chancellor Fred Hilmer was in South America, students met with other officials including Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) Richard Henry, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Students) Wai Fong Chua, members of University […]

  • University May Force Pharmacy to Limit Products

    Following the University’s buy-back of Arc retail stores, the Pharmacy at UNSW has been told that it may need to restrict its product offerings to medicinal products only, in a move that Tim Kaliyanda, President of the Student Representative Council labeled ‘exploitative’ and unfair to students. Rumours have circulated since the buy-out that the University […]

  • UNSW Has Highest Retail Prices

    UNSW Has Highest Retail Prices

    There are not many universities in the world that offer such broad selections as are available at the UNSW Kensington campus. The Refectory at University College London is a pitiful basement with menus reminiscent of school lunches –a fact that is compensated by the free Hare Krishna meals offered outside the School of Oriental and […]

  • University to Buy-Back Arc Retail

    Arc announced this afternoon the buy-back of its retail assets by the University, including the Block House, CLB, Quad and Arc Fresh store at UNSW Village. The announcement puts rest to rumours that have circulated since late last year that the University and Arc were negotiating to transfer retail assets in exchange for a long-term […]