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  • Something Happened: Invading Your Internet Privacy (Again)

    We all look at things on the internet we’d be ashamed to share with other people. Whether it’s online gambling, a particular niche type of pornography or an obsession with fan-fiction, we all have certain aspects of our personalities we’d like to keep away from the public eye.

  • Ice Cream, Politics & Gossip Girl: Bob’s Gone, The Greens Are Dead

    Ice Cream, Politics & Gossip Girl: Bob’s Gone, The Greens Are Dead

    I hate playing catch up with the mainstream media but sometimes you read so much rubbish there’s nothing left to do other than put your rants onto a piece of paper and distribute thousands of copies amongst the students of UNSW. Earlier this month Bob Brown, the long-term (and only) federal leader of the Australian […]

  • Opinion: It’s Time for Direct Digital Democracy

    I propose a counter-model to representative democracy which I call ‘Digital Direct Democracy’ or ‘D3’. It is, as the name suggests, a modified version of Direct Democracy, a system of government in which people vote on specific policies rather than electing representatives to vote on their behalf. Historically, Direct Democracy has been dismissed as an […]

  • Quite Wyatt

    He wants to savor the moment, to draw it out. He knows what the package contains and is equal parts delighted and intimidated. He carefully unknots the bow, peels back the wrappings. Speedos. Blue Speedos, Liberal Blue.

  • Ice Cream, Politics & Gossip Girl: Why Student Activism is Important

    You hear a lot about the death of student activism these days. Kids just aren’t getting into their rallies, protests, marches and speak-outs like they used to back in olden times. So goes the contemporary narrative on the engagement of today’s university students with the world around them.

  • Kony Fever and the Downside of Celebrity Activism

    Kony Fever and the Downside of Celebrity Activism

    On Christmas day 2008, the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), a Ugandan rebel group, went on a three-day killing spree, massacring over 800 people in the north-eastern parts of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Only a year later, 300 had massacred and 250 abducted, including around 80 children. By last June, the LRA had […]