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  • Belle of the Board

    Belle of the Board

    Ammy Singh talks snowboarding, coming out of the closet on national television, and “ripping on Putin’s ass” with Belle Brockhoff, Australia’s only openly gay Winter Olympian in Sochi. Mention you’ve never seen snow to Olympian Belle Brockhoff as she wakes up in faraway Europe, and she’ll take her laptop over to her window to show […]

  • Abbott vs the ABC

    Abbott vs the ABC

    On November 18 2013, the ABC and the Guardian Australia released a story revealing that, based on Edward Snowden’s leaks of confidential U.S. National Security Agency documents, Australian spy agencies during 2009 had tapped Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and his wife’s phones. The release of this information sparked a diplomatic rift in the relationship […]

  • Noodle House Yarns #1

    “Et tu, Pink?” sent shockwaves through student political scenes last year. This saw the fall of a 14 year reign and Tweedledum and Tweedledee storm the University of Sydney’s SRC to “head kick” key  members of SLS. At UTS, we saw NLS/Unity under “Elevate” lose to Grassroots, posing the question of whether this was due […]

  • Is Operation Sovereign Borders Racist?

    Is Operation Sovereign Borders Racist?

    At the Paris Peace Conference in 1919, the Japanese delegation proposed that the League of Nations adopt a racial equality provision in its charter. The most resounding objection came from Australian Prime Minister Billy Hughes, who recognised that such a provision would have implications for the White Australia Policy. His lobbying, particularly of the British, […]

  • A Farewell to Welfare?

    A Farewell to Welfare?

    Last month Minister for Social Services Kevin Andrews announced a review of the Australian welfare system. He said that it was crucial to introduce widespread changes before Australia finds itself “in the situation that some of the countries in Europe are in.” Clearly he doesn’t mean covered in snow and full of cobblestone streets, he […]

  • Conservative Club controversy with rival Liberal factions continues

    The controversy surrounding the creation of the Conservative Club at UNSW has continued, with new details emerging of an alleged failed attempt at club stacking, after members of the soft right Liberal-aligned Freedom Club failed to sign up as members at the Conservative Club’s Inaugural General Meeting (IGM) in order to obtain voting rights. The […]