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  • Tharunka Class of 2012

    Tharunka Class of 2012

    Bernardo Bento

  • Criticism of NUS Rises Over Transparency, Relevance

    Criticism of NUS Rises Over Transparency, Relevance

    Recent events have put a spotlight on the functionality and relevance of the National Union of Students, with criticism leveled at the organisation critics and members alike following the latest NUS Education Convention (EdCon). Approximately $20,000 of Arc’s annual budget goes toward paying affiliation fees to the National Union of Students (NUS).

  • Cuts Announced to School of Computer Science & Engineering

    The Faculty of Engineering announced plans to cut up to 20% of staff in the School of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) in a move that one University spokesperson described as a long time coming. Employees now await the decision of Faculty Dean Graham Davies as to which positions will be made redundant.

  • Ice Cream, Politics & Gossip Girl: Bob’s Gone, The Greens Are Dead

    Ice Cream, Politics & Gossip Girl: Bob’s Gone, The Greens Are Dead

    I hate playing catch up with the mainstream media but sometimes you read so much rubbish there’s nothing left to do other than put your rants onto a piece of paper and distribute thousands of copies amongst the students of UNSW. Earlier this month Bob Brown, the long-term (and only) federal leader of the Australian…

  • Changes Proposed for Sports & Recreation

    UNSW Sports & Recreation services may see changes including a possibility they will be tendered to an external provider under a management change proposal being discussed by University administration. Whilst the changes have long been rumoured, Neil Morris, Executive Director of University Services, told Tharunka the University had only begun a consultation process, and any…

  • Politics, Ice-Cream, Gossip Girl: Gonski

    Education funding. It’s all the rage these days. “Should we fund it?” “How should we fund it?” “What should we fund?” During O-Week this year I participated in a political debate where the moderator, who was about to launch into the topic of education, added a caveat. She said “Education funding isn’t a particularly engaging…