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When Boom Becomes Distant Rumble

Since Resources Minister Martin Ferguson announced the end of the resources boom, there has been widespread speculation as to what this means for Australia’s future economic prospects. “It’s about time Tony Abbott stopped talking down Australia, both at home and internationally, and recognised how well placed we are. Like, you’ve …

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Ice Cream, Politics, Gossip Girl: Wayne Swan vs. the Mining Industry or Dan vs. Serena

Before I get into the latest column there’s a small matter I need to address. Since I started writing for Tharunka quite a few people have been coming up to me and saying “Hey Oz, great articles man/you are a genius/how can I be you/can I marry you?” which is …

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Gina Rinehart Eats Fairfax

Gina Rinehart announced today her intention to acqure all remaining shares in Fairfax Ltd, giving her effective editorial control over the Sydney Morning Herald and the Financial Review. In a decision that surprised many media experts, but not several psychologists who’ve been tracking Rinehart for years, it was announced the …

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