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Having a Panic Attack on a Plane

Panic Attack on a Plane

By Dominic Giannini, Online Sub-Editor CW: mental health, anxiety The tightening chest leaves you gasping. The pit in your stomach leaves you dry-retching. The intense and uncompromising fear  can’t be quelled. For anyone who suffers anxiety, or has ever had a panic attack, these symptoms are all too real. Far …

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Mental Health at UNSW: Can More Be Done?

By Annabel Green and Annabelle Thorne CW: sexual assault, suicide   It only takes a minute to appreciate the growing recognition of mental illness in Australia. Lifeline and beyondblue’s phone numbers are scattered under relevant newspaper articles, RUOK has become an important day to check on loved ones, and Movember …

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(Student) Bank Balance Confessions: the 27-year-old Commuting from the Hunter and Living on $222.50 of Centrelink a Week

By Cameron Cripps-Kennedy Last week, The Cusp published a spending diary of a 33-year-old Eastern Suburbs woman earning $775 a week. On a Facebook post linking the article, partner site, Junkee, asked: “What does it look like to live week-to-week in Sydney?” Yet, for the writer, living “week-to-week” means soy …

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