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  • Procrastination Corner: Editors’ Top Picks #5

    Procrastination Corner: Editors’ Top Picks #5

    Every fortnight the Tharunka editorial team compiles the best media we’ve been avoiding and/or complementing our studies with. Have fun! Books  Axel: Vile Bodies by Evelyn Waugh (1930) is a massively fun – and quite brief – novel about pre-World War London socialities. Parties, hedonism, chaos, confusion, fashion, scandals, love, etc. etc. Jack: Revisiting some […]

  • “Wholesome Heterosexual Literature” – Shit People Say About Dorian Gray

    Gabriel Hanrahan-Lawrence “Dorian Gray isn’t a gay book.” I have to resist the urge to laugh in her face, and I manage to tone it down to a breathless giggle. “It was used as evidence of Wilde’s ‘sexual perversion’ in court. It’s pretty damn queer.” The girl shakes her head, brow furrowed. She is resolute. […]

  • Abbott vs the ABC

    Abbott vs the ABC

    On November 18 2013, the ABC and the Guardian Australia released a story revealing that, based on Edward Snowden’s leaks of confidential U.S. National Security Agency documents, Australian spy agencies during 2009 had tapped Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and his wife’s phones. The release of this information sparked a diplomatic rift in the relationship […]

  • Coalition to propose crack downs on Torrenting

    Coalition to propose crack downs on Torrenting

    The Abbott government is considering reforms that would make it more difficult to download content using torrents, as well as undermining the online privacy of Australians. On February 14, Attorney-General George Brandis’ response to the Australian Digital Alliance forum held in Canberra revealed that the Abbott government was considering a graduated response scheme to deal with online copyright […]

  • Publishers Forum Discusses Future of Media

    Publishers Forum Discusses Future of Media

    While it is widely accepted that the print newspaper industry is in decline, with profits and circulation waning all over the world, most are hesitant to predict, with any certainty, what the future will hold for journalists or publishers. PANPA, the Pacific Area Newspaper and Publishing Association, hosted the Future Forum, Australasia’s annual industry conference […]

  • Assange: Hypocritical Asylum?

    Assange: Hypocritical Asylum?

    For the past two years, the media has been capturing the debate of whether Australian ex-hacker Julian Assange, currently in the UK, should be extradited to Sweden, where he faces rape charges. This debate notwithstanding, the events of past few weeks shed a new light on Assange’s plight: the man who has relentlessly stood by […]