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  • Territorial Claims Raising Tensions in South China Sea

    Territorial Claims Raising Tensions in South China Sea

    The South China Sea is one of East Asia’s most important military flashpoints. It is the world’s second most used sea-lane and accommodates a third of the world’s shipping. Competing territorial claims are causing tension within the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations).

  • Opinion: Seeking Shelter from the Refugee Storm

    The High Court of Australia has ruled Julia Gillard’s proposed ‘Malaysia swap deal’ unconstitutional and boat people continue to be smuggled into Australian waters. A local Auburn resident who has been caught up in the political refugee storm is left wondering, why all the fuss? Maya* sought refuge with her family eight years ago in…

  • The Future of Asylum Seekers

    Henar Perales did not visit Villawood IDC in the capacity of Tharunka journalist. This article was written subsequent to her visit. For the past year Atash has been wishing he had stayed in Afghanistan, even if it meant getting killed by the Taliban like his father. There are two refugee aid workers at a table…