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  • Online Content Is No Replacement For Class Time

    Online Content Is No Replacement For Class Time

    By Toby Walmsley UNSW has recently announced a $100 million makeover of its online content delivery system. This system appears to be designed to replace the current Moodle and Echo system, with a new, tested platform called OpenLearning, including improved technology and diverse features. This should be news to rejoice. Echo and Moodle, although very […]

  • Redfern creative hub gives kids a different kind of education

    Gushing about a really great TED talk is a state most undergraduates will at one point or another find themselves in. We have all experienced the inspiration hangover – the type that sees you beaming, bouncing and motivated for the next few days. You’re really going to jump in and give IT a red-hot-go.  You […]