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  • New cap on international students’ employment hours

    New cap on international students’ employment hours

    Image: Yanni Apradakis The Department of Home Affairs has announced that the maximum number of hours that international students are permitted to work will once again be capped from July 1, 2023. However, this time, the limit will be increased to 48 hours per fortnight from the previous cap of 40 hours. Over the course […]

  • New names but same game for rogue international student group

    Representatives from the Overseas Students Association were removed from campus this month, in the latest in what appears to be an attempted revival of the discredited organisation. While on campus, the representatives told international students that the OSA and their “legislative branch”, the National Liaison Committee, could assist student with a number of concerns, including […]

  • International Student Survival Guide 101

    International Student Survival Guide 101

    Welcome to UNSW! You are all here with sparkles in your eyes, unshed tears from leaving your family home and hearts full of dreams that you long to achieve. Remember the time when one of your elder family members (in my case, my dad) sat you down and gave you the grave talk of how […]

  • International Student Advocacy Group Meets To Address Safety Concerns

    International Student Advocacy Group Meets To Address Safety Concerns

    Australia’s international student peak body, the Council of International Students Australia (CISA) had its second annual National Conference in Brisbane earlier this month, meeting to discuss the difficulties facing international students, chiefly ensuring safety and security. CISA was established in 2010 to give a unified voice to the undergraduate international student caucus. It now serves […]

  • Lizzette the Agony Aunt: Gina Rinehart and Foreign Students

    A-hoy hoy, So like, I know that asking for help is pretty mainstream and all, because it’s just sah corporatized and shit out there in the whole world, yeah? But I really do have this totes hard questioniola that I’m dealing with right now. It’s, like, taking all my time up in my head, and […]

  • Far Right Wants International Students Out

    The Eureka Youth League, a controversial white-separatist offshoot from the far-right Australia First Party, has recently received media attention surrounding its controversial policies that include putting an end to international students in Australia. Placing emphasis on universities as a vital area for political influence to be exerted, the party credits this as the reason for […]