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Memoirs of an Expat Childhood

By Anoushka Anupindi “Where are you from?”, I was once asked by a classmate in the first year of my degree in International Studies. This question always evokes a sigh. Not of anger, but of tiredness. Of knowing that the answer is not simple or short. I said, “I am …

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Her; India

By Shaki Srikanth Shakti Srikanth has been on a three-month internship in Bangalore over the summer. 1 January 2017: Indian women wake up with bruises, not hangovers. Reports emerge of widespread sexual violence in the nation’s Silicon Valley – Bangalore. Women tell of being groped, physically assaulted and fighting off …

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The F-word has become something of an F-bomb, scaring away all but the most committed activists this side of 25. We live in a society which shrinks from labels and embraces all shades of grey; the word “feminist”, in all the bra-burning militancy that it conjures, is no exception to the …

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